AA Medallions

We offer a variety of AA engraved medallions to fit every occasion and every budget. You can buy plain unengraved medallions anywhere, but by engraving AA recovery medalions we feel we are providing a valuable service to the members and friends of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We engrave the first name, 1st initial of the last name and sobriety date on each AA chip that is engravable. In particular we engrave the standard AA bronze medallion as well as gold plated chips and some made of fine silver.

We have recently added the Traditional Blue Plastic Anniversary Chips to the product line. They were very possibly the first engraved anniversary medallions. They are available in any number of years and engravable with the number of years sober, first name, first initial of the last name, and sobriety date.

In addition to the familiar sobriety tokens, we offer other AA gifts for your special AA person. Sponsor chips come in tri-plate format (red, blue, yellow) styles. And finally the special Bill and Bob medallion is always appropriate.

Final thoughts: When you give your favorite AA birthday celebrant their cherished medallion, wouldn't it be extra cool to accompany the medallion with an AA birthday card with the matching number of years sober? Just click on the AA Birthday Card section to select yours.

You might also want to consider a metal key ring to house that cherished medallion so it doesn't get lost in some drawer, pants pocket or purse.