Al-Anon Medallions

Some people think of Al-Anon as the step child of Alcoholics Anoymous or a support group for AA members. We think Al-Anon is as important and effective as any 12 step organization. For this reason we are pleased to provide engraved Al-Anon recovery medallions as well as two styles of the traditional Al-Anon butterfly medallions. We believe engraving Al-Anon medallions performs a unique and valuable service to this important community.

We offer the familiar bronze Al-Anon anniversary medallion and the bronze butterfly medallion. Both are engravable with first name, 1st initial of the last name and recovery date. The maximum number of digits for first name and last name initial is 13 including spaces and punctuation. The butterfly also comes in an unengravable bronze and purple version.

We also offer book covers for the most common Al-Anon books. The book covers have the Serenity Prayer printed on the front cover and come in four attractive colors.