Bill and Bob AA medallions

What recovery gift do you give to the Alcoholics Anonymous member who loves AA history almost as much as they love the program itself? Why, a Bill and Bob AA medallion, of course!! The gift of a Bill and Bob AA medallion brings a birthday out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. This recovery medallion is the perfect token for the perfect AA member in your life. Celebrate someone's birthday with the founders of AA.

We offer the always popular Blue Bill and Bob AA medallion with the red inscription on the back from the Big Book, "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path."

The big news (Drum roll here) is that we have just begun offering the Red Bill and Bob AA Medallion as a beautiful alternative to the famous Blue Bill and Bob. The same familiar "Rarely have we seen ..." is inscribed on the back of the medallion.

For a limited time we also have the recently discontinued Black Bill and Bob AA medallion. Because not all the years are still available we offer them at a discounted price. If you purchase one of these you will not only have a beautiful medallion, but also have a truly collectible keapsake.